Knives Out 3 – Glass Onion director ‘returning’ for third film

After a three-year absence, the world’s greatest detective, Benoit Blanc, has returned to the big screen to solve another mind-bending murder. Daniel Craig reprises his role as the hero in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Story on Netflix, but will fans see more of him in the future? Director Rian Johnson seems to think so, but with a specific set of conditions.

Johnson achieved mainstream success with the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi in 2017, and has been building his own universe of murder mysteries with Netflix ever since.

While he recently revealed how happy he is with the Knives Out sequel, he was asked about the possibility of bringing a third movie to the streaming service.

Regarding the theme of the next film, he said, “The key is to land on something that first feels different than the first two and also feels, like Daniel [Craig] As said before, the only reason we keep making them is if we’re excited about making them.”

He added that a third film would need a “new raison d’etre”. He told Digital Spy: “Something where we really felt like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is really exciting.'”

Johnson noted that writing and directing a Knives Out movie isn’t just “turning a crank.” Instead: “It’s, ‘This is something that feels challenging and exciting. And oh my gosh, can we pull this off?’ in a way that’s scary in a good way. And yes, as long as we can keep doing that…”

He added that he would need to “figure out what the movie would focus on.”

So far, Knives Out fans have been treated to a seedy murder in a gothic mansion and the mysterious death of a billionaire on a secluded island. Surely you still have a number of other James Bond-like scenarios to launch a whodunit.

By the way, this is also the first big blockbuster Craig has starred in since his last 007 movie, No Time To Die. And it looks like he was beyond excited to get caught up in filming.

At Glass Onion, Craig has teamed up once again with Dave Bautista, who he last worked with on Spectre.

While promoting the movie Knives Out, Bautista confessed that Craig was a completely different person while filming compared to when he was playing James Bond. The Guardians of the Galaxy star said: “He really went through that with Bond. You could feel he was under a lot of pressure. He didn’t seem like the happiest of Bond people. But in Glass Onion, he was the complete opposite.”

Bautista added that Craig was “a lot of fun” while filming Glass Onion.

He said: “He was always smiling and happy and interacting a lot more. On Spectre, there wasn’t a lot of interaction with the whole cast. But Glass Onion was the complete opposite. We were always together. So I got to know him better as a person and watch him do what yours”.

Knives Out and Glass Onion: A Knives Out Story are available to watch on Netflix now.


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