Klopp backed the dig against state teams when Mbappe deal leaked

In his comments on the purchasing power of rival teams, Klopp had said: “You have the best team in the world and you put in the best striker on the market, whatever it takes, you just do it (City and Erling Haaland). What What does Liverpool do? We can’t act like them. It’s not possible. Impossible.

“There are three clubs in world football (City, Newcastle, PSG) that can do whatever they want financially. It’s legal and all, fine, but they can do what they want. They will say ‘yes, but we have…’ but it is exactly the fact. I heard now that in Newcastle someone [sporting director Dan Ashworth] he said ‘there is no ceiling for this club’. Yes! He is correct. He has all the reason. There is no ceiling for Newcastle. Congratulations, but other clubs have ceilings.”

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