Katy Perry’s unexplained stage glitch has conspiracies crazed

During her concert on October 24, Katy Perry paused on stage and struck a pose. As she looked at her fans, her right eye kept closing, as she caught a glimpse of him. tik tok Username. Though he tried to push her open, he closed back on her. Fans thought maybe Perry had “failed” while others wondered if it was a side effect of the COVID-19 vaccine. A Twitter the user joked, “Katy Perry: Eye of the Pfizer.” Other tweeted, “Kerry Perry clone malfunctions”. Some had a reasonable explanation for Perry’s failing eye. “Lash glue has done this to me before,” a fan tweeted. Other Twitter The user agreed: “I think her top lash got caught in the bottom lash and she doesn’t want to force it off her eye.”

still another Perry fan wrote“It’s called lazy eye, y’all. She talked about this a long time ago. Like, I don’t have a lazy eye, but SOMETIMES this happens to me too, or twitches. It’s normal. I’m a conspiracy theorist too, but sometimes people come too much.”

In fact, Perry has opened up about his “restless eye” in the past. During an episode of “American Idol,” she comforted a contestant who was self-conscious about her lazy eye, according to news week. “I have a crooked eye too, and I used to be worried about it. Then a bunch of my fans created fandom about my crooked eye,” she shared. Perry revealed that it was her right eye that went crooked, so fans dismissed her conspiracy theories.

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