Kanye West’s brand drop falls further amid growing backlash

While Gap had already announced that it was ending its association with Kanye “Ye” West in light of his anti-Semitic comments, Yeezy-branded merchandise was still available for purchase. Now, it looks like that too is over. According to the hollywood reporter, in a recent statement, Gap stated the company’s intention to take “immediate action” to remove all Yeezy Gap merchandise from stores and has already shut down the website. “Anti-Semitism, racism and hatred in any form are inexcusable and are not tolerated in accordance with our values,” the statement read in part.

As Ye continues to bleed support and partnerships from all angles, perhaps he hopes that following Elon Musk’s lead is the answer. According to the New York TimesYe plans to buy his own social media platform: Parler, a site known for catering to a right-wing audience. It remains to be seen if anyone will follow.

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