Kamie Crawford once had a disturbing experience with Donald Trump

In October 2016, as the presidential campaign was heating up, then-businessman Donald Trump appeared alongside several women who had accused President Bill Clinton of sexual assault, all while Trump himself faced a growing number of assault accusations on his own. The political move came just hours before Trump faced his opponent Hillary Clinton in a presidential debate.

Three days after that debate, former Miss Teen USA Kamie Crawford revealed her own disturbing experiences with the former president, which happened when she was just 17 years old. “Lucky for me”, Crawford tweeted sarcastically, “I was the ‘type’ in black that he liked. He would take me with his friends who were all there gawking at the Miss Universe girls.”

Crawford went on to punish Trump in Twitter throughout the remainder of his campaign and presidency, often incorporating his own personal experience and knowledge of Trump into his political commentary. She revealed in a separate tweet, for example, that he was warned before he met him that “Mr. Trump doesn’t like black people.” As Crawford states, he ended up being an exception.

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