Joy Behar’s beef explanation with the Trump family

In 2011, Melania Trump made a rare public appearance on Joy Behar’s HLN talk show, aptly titled “The Joy Behar Show.” The soon-to-be first lady was there to promote her latest jewelry line, but Behar grilled her guest about the possibility of Donald Trump running for president, as well as “The Apprentice” host’s continuing false accusation that then President Barack Obama was not born in the US, but in Kenya, and therefore ineligible to be POTUS Of course, this allegation has been disproved by Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate.

However, Melania vehemently defended the controversial stance of her husband, who has long been considered racistand even hinted that he believed in the so-called “birther” conspiracy theory, also. “It’s not just Donald who wants to see it,” Melania alleged of the birth certificate. “It is the Americans who voted for him and those who did not vote for him. They want to see that.” The headline host dismissed her claims, suggesting, “I think you should quit.”

In 2018, after the Trumps moved into the White House, Behar brought up the subject again in this interview while speaking with the administration’s director of communications, Anthony Scaramucci, who had a short life in “the viewwhile explaining her stance on Melania. “She’s lovely, but we really can’t 100% like her, because she’s a ‘birth’ like her husband,” she explained. “I interviewed her on my HLN and that’s where we made news about it.” . … She is on the same page with him on many issues. So she’s not free!”

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