John Lennon’s bride was personally chosen by Yoko Ono during the marriage

In 1973, just a few years after The Beatles broke up, John Lennon was working on his fourth solo album, Mind Games. But he was not happy. He was struggling with change and stagnation in his life, and things were getting out of hand with his wife, Yoko Ono, whom he had been married to for four years. Ultimately, Ono (who turns 90 this week on February 18, 2023) decided to walk away from marriage.

Ono explained, “I was hated and John was hated because of me… I needed a break. I needed space. Can you imagine every day getting this vibe from haters? You want to get out of it.”

She added that she and Lennon were so close that they didn’t even “go to the bathroom alone.” “‘I’ll go with you,’ she said.” Ono remembered. “And this would be in public places like EMI’s recording studios.”

Eventually, he paired Lennon with his assistant, May Pang, a 22-year-old American woman in whom the former Beatle had previously expressed an interest.

“May Pang was a very intelligent and attractive woman,” Ono recalled. “And extremely efficient. I thought they would be fine.”

Lennon left Ono and New York with Pang for Los Angeles to build a new life there. He was with his new girlfriend for 18 months in what he described as his “Lost Weekend”, referencing the film and book of the same title (the story follows an alcoholic who loses a weekend to his vices and bad habits). decisions).

Despite Lennon being away for 18 months, Ono admitted: “The affair was something that didn’t hurt me.”

“I was prepared to lose it,” she confessed. “But it was better that he came back. I didn’t think she would lose him.”

Once Lennon and Ono got back together, they had a joint interview with Playboy magazine. Ono said, “John was a good person. Society had become too much. Now we laugh about it, but we started dating again.”

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Ono went on to say that she wanted to “be sure” about Lennon.

She continued: “I’m grateful for John’s intelligence… that he was smart enough to know that this was the only way we could save our marriage, not because we didn’t love each other but because it was too much for me.” “

Pang herself opened up about the 18-month affair in 2011, claiming that Ono set her up with Lennon when things got too tough for their marriage.

“Yoko came to me at 9:30 in the morning,” Pang recalled. “She hadn’t even had my first cup of coffee, and she said, ‘May, I have to talk to you. John and I don’t get along.’ She knew it because the tension was thick.”

Ono told her, “He’s going to start dating other people. I know you don’t have a boyfriend and I know you’re not after John, but you need a boyfriend and you’d be good for him.”

Pang told her, “I said I didn’t believe it, but she said, ‘You don’t want him to go out with someone who’s going to be nasty to him, do you?’ I said, ‘Of course not.’ She said, ‘You’ll be perfect,’ and she walked away.”

Once Lennon and Ono got back together in late 1974, Ono became pregnant. She later gave birth to her son, Sean Lennon, on October 9, 1975.

Lennon then took five years away from music to take care of his son. A month after releasing his Double Fantasy album with Ono in November 1980, he was assassinated on December 8.


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