John Lennon missed the last Beatles recording because of Yoko Ono

The Beatles released their last album, Let It Be, in 1970, before breaking up for good. The band’s thirteenth album featured some major hits, including Across the Universe, Get Back, Let It Be, and The Long and Winding Road. But it also included one of George Harrison’s most beloved songs: I Me Mine. However, when the band began recording the song, John Lennon was not present.

The Beatles met at Abbey Road for the last time on January 3, 1970 to record their last song together, I Me Mine. The album version of the track is credited to Harrison on vocals, acoustic guitars, and lead guitars; Paul McCartney on vocal harmonies, bass, Hammond organ, and electric piano; and Ringo Starr on drums.

At the time, Lennon was out of the country. He had flown out of the UK on December 29, 1969, along with his wife, Yoko Ono, to the small town of Aalborg in Denmark.

The couple stayed with Ono’s first husband, Tony Cox, and his new wife Melinde. Lennon and Ono were visiting their daughter and stayed at the Cox farm until January 25, 1970.

Lennon’s presence in the small town attracted press interest, leading him to hold a press conference on January 5. Along with Ono, they performed a Danish folk song before pledging to donate all their future royalties to her campaign for peace.

As a result of this little adventure, Lennon completely missed the writing and recording of I Me Mine.

However, Harrison later lamented the treatment his songs received from Lennon and McCartney during their writing sessions. The Quiet Beatle was usually given a single sweltering track to write, record, and place on each album, while the band would sometimes spend days on one of their tracks.

Harrison once moaned, “I’d have to wait ten of their songs before they’d hear one of mine.”

Harrison also spoke about the meaning behind I Me Mine, saying that it addressed the “eternal problem of selfishness”. He later used the song’s title as the title of his 1980 memoir.

Long before the Beatle began work on I Me Mine, he lamented the atmosphere of the recording sessions. He returned to Abbey Road “quite optimistic” about the songs they were going to record. But soon enough, The Beatles fell back into their old stagnant routines.

He said that the band was “just like the last time we were in the studio… There was a lot of trivia and games going on.”

The earlier sessions were held to write the band’s penultimate album, Abbey Road. During that time, Lennon, Starr and Harrison criticized McCartney and his excessive song Maxwell’s Silver Hammer.

Harrison said, “Sometimes Paul would make us do these really fruity songs. I mean, my God, Maxwell’s Silver Hammer was so fruity.”

The usually calm Starr added, “The worst session ever was Maxwell’s Silver Hammer. It was the worst track we ever had to record. It went on for f*** weeks.”

Lennon lashed out: “I hated it. All I remember is the clue: He made us do it a hundred million times.”


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