John Lennon Confirmed Yoko Ono ‘Not’ Split With The Beatles

The Beatles broke up in 1970 after releasing their thirteenth and final album, Let It Be. Behind the scenes, the band members were at each other’s throats as disagreements continued to spiral out of control, but the blame fell mainly on John Lennon’s wife, Yoko Ono (who turns 90 this week on February 18). . , 2023). However, Lennon had a different perspective on the end of the band.

Lennon met Ono in 1966 while he was still married to his first wife, Cynthia Lennon. In the months that followed, Lennon and Ono fell in love and began a secret relationship behind closed doors. In 1968, Lennon divorced Cynthia and a year later, in 1969, she married Ono.

The couple spent all their time together, even when The Beatles were recording their albums. This became a point of contention for the likes of Paul McCartney and George Harrison, but Lennon argued that his disdain was more directed at him.

Speaking on the Dick Cavett Show in 1971, Lennon said: “[Ono] didn’t break up the Beatles… The Beatles were drifting apart on their own.”

He then talked about how things between the band weren’t as nice as they seemed.

McCartney was a fierce critic of Ono when he first appeared on the scene, but he changed his tune. Macca said that, at this point in Lennon’s life, he “needed” Ono. Despite the fact that the band “thought he was nosy because he used to sit in on recording sessions and we’ve never had anything like that.”

But, looking back, McCartney saw Lennon and Ono’s relationship for what it really was: “The guy was totally in love with her. And you’ve got to respect that. We did that. And I do.”

He added: “John needed to give his own and Yoko space. Someone like John would want to end The Beatles’ period and start Yoko’s period, and he wouldn’t want either to interfere with the other.”

Lennon and Ono remained together as husband and wife until December 8, 1980 when the former was assassinated.

After spending the day with his wife, Lennon was shot outside his home, The Dakota Apartments, in New York City, by a crazed fan, Mark David Chapman.

Ono issued a statement shortly after Lennon’s death, which read: “There is no funeral for John. Later in the week we will schedule a silent vigil to pray for his soul. We invite you to participate from wherever you are in time. “John loved and prayed for the human race. Please pray the same for him. Love. Yoko and Sean.”

Harrison also released a statement saying: “After all we went through together, I had and still have great love and respect for him. I am shocked and stunned. Stealing a life is the greatest theft in life. The perpetual invasion of others “People’s space is pushed to the limit with the use of a weapon. It’s an outrage that people can take other people’s lives when they obviously don’t have their own lives in order.”

McCartney agreed: “I can’t take it right now. John was a great man who will be remembered for his unique contributions to art, music and peace. He will be missed by the whole world.”


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