John Legend Opens Up About How Pregnancy Loss Affected His Marriage to Chrissy Teigen

In a new interview with Jay Shetty at the “On Purpose with Jay Shetty” podcast, John Legend gave more insight into how Chrissy Teigen’s pregnancy loss strengthened their marriage. “I’ve seen a lot of growth through our pain and through our tragedy,” he explained. “It’s always going to be a part of who we are, and I’m fine with that.”

Additionally, Legend revealed that his experience helped him understand Teigen better. “I just learned a lot about his personality, how he reacts to stress, how he reacts to life, how he can find a joke like the craziest, even in pain, he’s able to find humor,” he said in the Program. podcast. “I think you see so many things about your partner as you grow up together and experience adversity together, and what I’ve seen of her made me love her more and value her more.”

Legend’s interview came a couple of months after Teigen announced the Instagram They were expecting another child. “The last few years have been a turmoil of emotions to say the least, but joy has returned to fill our homes and our hearts,” she wrote in August 2022. “A billion shots later…we have another one on the way.” “.

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