John Deacon on why Queen never broke up despite their ‘quarrels’

Following the release of The Miracle Collector’s Edition last week, Queen have released a two-part mini-documentary on YouTube today, with some tantalizing revelations. In interviews uncovered during the filming of the album’s music videos, the band spoke candidly about their ups and downs in their relationships. What was particularly poignant were the segments of what would be John Deacon’s last interview with Queen, despite the fact that he didn’t retire for eight years.

In April 1989, while filming the train music video for Breakthru, John discussed the recording sessions for The Miracle.

The Queen bassist shared: “The first few weeks of recording, we did a lot of live stuff, a lot of songs, ideas came up, a few improvisations. We had some ideas that were already laid out, I Want It All was one of the few songs that was actually written before we came in.”

However, both he and Roger Taylor admitted they didn’t always get along 18 years after Queen’s lineup ended.

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