JK Rowling says she never intended to upset anyone with her opinions

JK Rowling has denied intending to “upset anyone” with her views on transgender rights. The Harry Potter author came under fire from some activists when she questioned allowing trans women in women-only spaces.

Ms Rowling, 57, told The Witch Trials Of JK Rowling podcast that critics who claim her gender stance has “ruined” her legacy “couldn’t have misunderstood me more profoundly.” She has repeatedly denied being transphobic.

But he added on the podcast: “It didn’t bother me to get off my pedestal.

“I don’t walk around my house thinking about my legacy. What a pompous way to live your life. i will be dead

“I care now. I worry about the living. The podcast is hosted by Megan Phelps-Roper, who fled the extremist Westboro Baptist Church in the United States.

It tries to draw parallels between the Christian fundamentalists who burned Potter’s books 20 years ago for their “witchcraft” and the current opponents of Ms Rowling. She called book burning “the last resort of people who can’t argue.”

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