Jim Carrey is apparently now banned from entering Russia – Nicki Swift

Unfortunately, the Russian government isn’t known for being very expansive with details, so all we know is that Jim Carrey is one of 100 Canadian citizens banned from entering the country. ABC News reports that along with Carrey, “The Handmaid’s Tale” author Margaret Atwood is another Canadian on the list, as well as Amy Knight, who the outlet describes as a KGB historian. According to ABC, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the 100 people on the list have been banned for their participation in the “training of (Canada’s) aggressively anti-Russian course.”

We’ll never know for sure unless we ask President Putin directly, but if we had to guess what makes Carrey part of Canada’s “aggressively anti-Russian course,” we’d say it might have something to do with it. cheep. “In Daniel Roher ‘Navalny’ document, a brave man and his family face an intolerable evil,” Carrey wrote with a link to the document. “Navalny himself exposes Czar Putin and his ruthless henchmen in his diabolical conspiracy to poison him, suppress the truth and intimidate the Russian people.”

Just a guess.

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