Jay Leno is reportedly recovering from a serious injury – Nicki Swift

Rather than an emergency caused by an existing health issue, Jay Leno’s recent health issue was actually a car accident. According to TMZ, Leno was in his garage in Los Angeles when one of his vehicles caught fire to such an extent that the left side of the comedian’s face was badly burned. Reports say that his eyes and ears were not burned. Leno was rushed to the Grossman Burn Center for medical attention to treat the severe burns to his face. Since the tragic incident, Leno issued a brief statement to Variety to explain what happened. “I had some bad burns from a gasoline fire. I’m fine. I just need a week or two to recover,” she said.

Fans will know that Leno is a car enthusiast, starring in the series “Jay Leno’s Garage” and regularly updating his cars. Twitter page. Although the accident was not what people expected, they are still very worried about the comedian. “Oh man, this is bad news. Best wishes to Jay Leno for a speedy recovery.” said a fan

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