Jamie T brings his rough and ready charm to Ally Pally – REVIEW

Opening with Brand New Bass Guitar from his hugely popular debut album Panic Prevention, irritated revelers roar as he spits, “I spent all my money on this piece of shit called a bass.”

The third song So Lonely Was the Ballad has an edgy charm that delights the tonight crowd. During the singing hit Salvador, Jamie T recognized a fan holding his crutches aloft in the mosh pit, the moment capturing the chaos of the night. Midway through the set, the recent Old Style Raiders single shows him at the pinnacle of his power in the palace tonight.

A landmark show for Jamie T, it has a real homecoming feel to it, as he repeatedly references London in his lyrics throughout the set, while proudly stating, “This is the city I grew up in. This is it! big boy shit!” Reeling on his hits, his frantic and breathless performance gives off a scary nervous energy as he moves across the stage, tapping his foot maniacally at every turn.

Wearing his Property of Wimbledon hat, in reference to his suburban London upbringing, he tosses it into the crowd before the final song. In a warm aside, he urges fans to “Make sure everyone looks out for each other.” While introducing bassist Chris, he states that his bandmate has “Probably tattooed half of you!”.

In another hilarious moment, he cheekily proclaims “Mumford and his sons ain’t gonna get it back, bitches!” about his bandmate. The huge success of his debut album If You Got The Money sees both the crowd on the big screens and Jamie himself, with the elated faces of him singing, with the great surprise of seeing himself up there. His friend and ex-Maccabees guitarist joined on the last two songs, Sticks N Stones and Zombie, as Jamie quips, “Don’t say I don’t know the best people!”

Tonight the show was all about having a good time, her rough and ready performance brought the party to Ally Pally. As she dove for the nearest Zombie, she stopped and paused, looking out at the crowd and allowing them to begin the song in a special moment that capped off a brilliant night.

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