James Corden’s reputation for bad restaurant behavior gets another big hit

Another day, another crazy tale of bad manners at James Corden’s restaurant. As if he wasn’t under enough scrutiny, more people are coming out of nowhere to allege the late-night host’s misbehavior. Becky Habersberger, who happens to be the wife of Keith Habersberger from Try Guys, took tik tok to share a behavior he witnessed firsthand between Cordon and a busboy at Little Doms in Los Angeles.

Becky explained that she and a friend were walking through the restaurant when they saw things falling apart. “I’m listening [a] James Corden was told by the busboy that Little Dom’s is closed right now,” he explained, noting that the restaurant closes between lunch and dinner every day. While the busboy offered a reservation when they reopened, Corden yelled at him and said, “A lot of good it does me, man, a lot of good it does me.” To go a step further, Becky said she doesn’t believe Corden’s recent apology, stating that he should apologize to the waiter and not with the owner of the restaurant.

It’s no surprise that Becky’s video has gotten a lot of attention from viewers. “We never forget who’s rude. But sometimes we forget the extra sides of the ranch,” one waiter joked. “You can judge someone’s character by how they treat servers,” chimed in another TikTok user. “The stories about him are endless. Remember it’s great to be nice,” added a third.

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