James Bond – James Brolin was devastated to be eliminated as 007

Over the past 60 years, numerous Hollywood stars have auditioned to be the next James Bond. However, there were a few who were cast, only to be forced to step down from the role before filming began on his first 007 movie. Famously, Pierce Brosnan was cast in 1987’s The Living Daylights, but couldn’t get out of his contract. Remington Steele television series. Timothy Dalton became the new Bond in his place, and Brosnan got his break nearly a decade later in 1995’s Goldeneye. The former had replaced Roger Moore, who played 007 for the seventh and final time in 1985’s A View to a Kill, but did you know that it was actually recast after five movies?

Moore was considering leaving the role when he was 50, so producer Cubby Broccoli double-tested American actor James Brolin. One audition had the Westworld star in a fight scene, the other showed him seducing a woman while he was wearing a towel. The latter is a scene from Sean Connery’s From Russia with Love, which is used for Bond auditions to this day.

Brolin was cast by the producer as the new Bond, but sadly for him, Roger Moore remade Octopussy in 1983. To be fair, this made commercial sense given that EON Productions was up against the unofficial Never Say Never Again starring Connery. this year.

Speaking previously to Express.co.uk, Brolin recalled: “I literally left Cubby Broccoli in London, came home to get all my stuff to live in England for a year, when Roger Moore said, ‘Oh, I’ll do one more! ‘” When asked if he was really disappointed to be written off after being cast as the first American Bond, he replied: “Yes! He was really up for it.” The star went on to share details of the big missed opportunity.

Brolin added: “My children told me several years ago that I had been on a movie set at work, 9500 days. I think it’s close to 10,000 now and it’s been great days. I have really enjoyed my time. I chose the right business for me anyway. The other thing could have been an airplane pilot or a building contractor, I don’t know.”

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