James Bond fans rage over ‘censorship’ of Ian Fleming’s book – ‘Let it be’

James Bond fans have just received word that the original novels, written by Sir Ian Fleming, are getting some major editions in the coming months. He daily telegraph has reported that certain words and phrases, including the N-word, will be removed from the books. But fans of the franchise aren’t happy with these alterations and have begun to speak furiously.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Edit James Bond – what’s next The Bible – Eve not tempting Adam – stop trying to change the fact that we are sexual creatures!”

Another agreed: “so now you want to edit Ian Fleming James Bond Books, this is censorship, give me a break.” (sic)

A third said: “The edits/rewrites are offensive to people who know they were ‘of their time’ and patronizing those who don’t understand and sensitive little darlings.” (sic)

One more continued: “I can’t believe you’re editing #JamesBond classics, leave them alone.” (sic)

One angry fan even claimed that the James Bond book edits were a form of “cancellation.”

They wrote: “cancel culture to edit james attach two fingers to that idea.” (sic)

British actor Daniel Craig has recently revamped 007 with a new perspective and way of speaking. But Fleming’s novels remain rooted in 1950s culture. The books will reportedly come with a new disclaimer on their opening pages that reads, “This book was written at a time when terms and attitudes that modern readers might find offensive were commonplace. Several updates have been made in this edition while staying as close as possible to the original text and the period in which it takes place”.

The reported changes being made to the books will remove racist, sexist, and homophobic language that was originally written in the 1950s.

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Reports say that the N-word was dropped from the books entirely, instead being replaced with “Black Man” or “Black Person” as appropriate.

Live and Let Die will remove references to a striptease Bond visits in Harlem, New York.

However, the Telegraph reports that a few other crude references will remain in the books.

For example, phrases like “the sweet taste of rape”, “stunning women”, and “men’s work” remain in the novels.

Homosexuality is also described as “an obstinate disability.”

Ian Fleming Publications called the edits the “best course of action”.

In recent months, the latest 007 book, Double Or Nothing, was released by Harper Collins, starring the first female 007 agent.

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