James Bond bosses ‘hurt’ Ed Sheeran after ditching his No Time To Die

Long before Daniel Craig’s latest James Bond movie, No Time To Die, hit theaters, the movie’s theme song had already become an overnight sensation on the charts. However, Billie Eilish was not the first choice for the film’s title song. At first, it was Ed Sheeran who was going to lead the film’s soundtrack. Unfortunately, he lost just three months into the project.

Sheeran revealed on That Peter Crouch Podcast that he had already started writing the song when their deal went offline.

“I was about to do one,” he said, before adding that he had “done all the meetings” and “started writing” the song.

Ultimately, he blamed Danny Boyle’s departure from the film. He said, “They changed directors, and when they just changed the scripts, that was it.”

British director Boyle is best known for directing such incredible films as Trainspotting, 127 Hours, Slumdog Millionaire, and 28 Days Later, to name just a few.

Boyle was first hired as the director of No Time To Die in May 2018, but things quickly went wrong for him.

Just three months later, in August 2018, Boyle reportedly left the project. He and his co-writer John Hodge later cited creative differences between them and the show’s owners.

He called his exit a “major embarrassment”, before adding: “What John [Hodge] and I was doing it, I thought, it was really good… It wasn’t finished, but it could have been really good.”

Sheeran, a four-time Grammy Award winner, added that he was “hurt” that he wasn’t the film’s composer, but that he still hasn’t given up hope.

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Eilish won a Golden Globe and a Grammy Award for her Bond song, No Time To Die, as well as an Oscar for Best Original Song.

This was the first time a song had won an Academy Award before the movie in question hit theaters.

Speaking about writing the epic ballad, Eilish told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe: “It was actually more collaborative than you think, which surprised me. Because I thought it would be like, ‘Here’s the song,’ and they take it. and then I wouldn’t have anything to say. But they were actually completely, really wanted to know what I think.”

Finneas also spoke candidly about writing the song. He revealed that it didn’t take long for the sibling duo to complete the song.

He said: “From the very beginning, the first thing that ended up becoming the song, it took about three days. We wrote and recorded the Bond song on a tour bus in Texas… In your career, there have been few things as desirable.” like doing a Bond song, and we didn’t take the opportunity lightly. And we really tried to work as hard as we could to prove that we were worth it.”

Composer Hans Zimmer, who composed the film’s music, was one of the main proponents of casting the young stars for the monumental Bond film. He later said, “Let me be honest. I think everyone discussed what to wear, I just kept saying, ‘No. Billie and Finneas. We’re done!’ I had never met them, but I felt [that] there’s Shirley Bassey, there’s Adele, everyone who’s ever worked in [Bond] he has come to it with his own strong style, with conviction and great commitment. And this song had it. He maintained an intimacy that I found beautiful.”

James Bond No Time To Die is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video now.


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