Iran fans want their own team to lose the World Cup clash against Wales

Voria Ghafouri, a former member of the national team, has been outspoken in his defense of Iranian Kurds, telling the government on social media to stop killing Kurds. He was previously detained for criticizing former Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif.

The players and their coach Carlos Queiroz, a former Manchester United assistant, have refused to discuss the country’s political crisis. Queiroz even took issue with a question from a BBC journalist, confronting her after a news conference.

Having had most of the briefing taken up by questions about internal affairs rather than football, Queiroz was filmed approaching the BBC’s Shaimaa Khalil. He begged her: “Why do you ask us these kinds of questions? I have the right to talk to you.

“The press conference is over, isn’t it fair to ask these questions to the other coaches? Why don’t you ask Mr. Southgate about England and America leaving Afghanistan?

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