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Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe met when they were teenagers. One of Kidman’s earliest memories of their friendship goes back to youthful antics in the town of Darlinghurst, near Sydney. While it was a memorable experience, their night together didn’t go as planned. “Russell came to a party where we invited about 500 people. I tried to cook paella. And I didn’t cook the rice, so it was crunchy. It’s not right. Throw it away, get the beer out,” she recalled. a vanity fair.

Even once Crowe and Kidman started to gain popularity, they continued to see each other at parties. For example, Crowe recalled meeting Tom Cruise for the first time in 1992 when the two boys and Kidman were at a barbecue hosted by Naomi Watts. Although Crowe was first impressed by the stars, he was surprised to learn that Cruise was a fan of his, thanks to his old friend Kidman. “His wife had introduced him to my movies, so he was asking me questions, not the other way around. It was a pretty amazing experience and we’ve been friends ever since,” Crowe told Fairfax Media, via hello magazine. This put Crowe in an awkward position following the 2001 divorce between Kidman and Cruise. It seemed Crowe stayed close to Kidman, as he later wished her success later during “Oprah’s Oscar Special” segment saying, “I just want to see you walk around barefoot and pregnant.”

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