Inside David Letterman and Teri Garr’s relationship

David Letterman and Teri Garr’s chemistry is evident in old “Late Night with David Letterman” interviews, which are peppered with funny jokes and flirty banter. In one “Late Night” appearanceLetterman turned to Garr and said, “You’re one of my favorite friends of all time. We’re friends, aren’t we, more or less?” Garr joked, “Sort of. I think mostly less,” to which Letterman and the audience laughed. In other “Late Night” appearance, Letterman introduced Garr, saying, “In addition to being one of my favorite actresses, our first guest is also one of my favorite human beings.” Letterman didn’t leave fans guessing with his feelings on Garr.

However, as far as Letterman is concerned, he once crossed the line. In 1997, Letterman appeared on “The Late Late Show with Tom Snyder” and revealed an embarrassing incident that occurred during his own show (via Deseret News). He shared: “Like 100 years ago, Teri Garr is on the old show, and we’re joking back and forth…and I made a very cheap and very uncharacteristic double-entendre sexual reference about Teri just because I needed to have something. kind of a joke. I needed to laugh, we were going to a commercial.” Later, Letterman explained how he tried to smooth things over, saying, “During the commercial break, I wrote him a note that said, ‘I wish I were dead,’ which means, ‘I express my shame and disgust at this misstep.'” .

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