Inside Chicago Med Star Jessy Schram – Nicki Swift’s Real Life Relationship

Jessy Schram recounts her adventures with her longtime love, Sterling Taylor, on Instagram, and depending on how active you are, her photos and videos will either give you huge FOMO or make you feel exhausted. Schram taylor credits for taking many of the images you share. According to your website, is a photographer who once put his skills to use during a road trip through 49 states. Taylor made the 18-month motorcycle trip in 2015, according to blueberry, and inspired him to start writing a book, titled “The Motorcycle Dirtbag.” Sterling said, “I wanted to be an outlaw, but the kind where nobody gets hurt… I slept under the stars and was completely immersed in the elements.”

Schram and Taylor also spend a lot of time outdoors, as evidenced by the actor. instagram publications They enjoy rock climbing, hiking, surf, van lifeY swim in ponds. Schram revealed that the couple embarked on this adventurous lifestyle early on in their relationship. “[Throwback] to our third date,” she subtitled a video shot near a lake surrounded by rocky peaks. “I told Sterling I liked to hike, so I pretended it wasn’t a big deal when he told me we’d hike 7 miles and set up camp for a few days.” But he admitted that he did. No join Taylor and her friends as they climbed temple cragfound in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California.

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