Inside Aaron Carter’s relationship with his twin sister Angel

Before Aaron Carter’s death, he and his twin sister Angel were estranged. According to Y! newsAngel claimed that Aaron had threatened to harm her husband Corey Conrad and their daughter Harper during a phone call on September 5, 2019. Aaron allegedly told her, “I have people who would come and hurt you.” Aaron then responded regarding her restraining order on her Instagram story (via People), writing: “My sister lied over and over again in an effort to take away my 2nd Amendment rights and did so on behalf of my brother [Nick] to silence me by talking about how he raped and sexually assaulted multiple women.”

In 2021, Aaron broke up with his girlfriend Melanie Martin, with whom he shared his son Prince. announcing the news in TwitterHe seemed to blame Angel for the separation and added: “There was a very big lie and my sister communicating with my ex-fiancé ruined everything considering that she knew what Angel tried to do to me in court, thank you Angel, you ruined my family.” However, it was not always bad between the two. Aaron even walked Angel down the aisle at their wedding in 2014, and Alex Murrel of Laguna Beach shared a touching nap of the couple on the dance floor.

At the time of this writing, Angel has not made a public statement regarding Aaron’s tragic death.

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