‘I’m Not Gonna Do This’ Queen Freddie Mercury Song Shut Down

The song in question is Too Much Love Will Kill You, which Brian May had written with just a couple of other people. The lyrics were inspired by a dark period in his life, after the breakup of his first marriage.

The 75-year-old told Guitar World: “[I had been] I walked away from the group because I was so depressed that it couldn’t have anything to do with anything in our public life. It was wrong because I was struggling with personal issues and I recorded it for my solo album, but I never thought of it as a Queen track. But at some point, I showed it to the boys, and Roger [Taylor]John [Deacon], and Freddy; they loved it and said: ‘This has to be a Queen song. We have to do a Queen version,’ which made me very happy.”

After agreeing, the guitarist was surprised to see how Freddie viewed the song differently, as it morphed into a “big, bombastic and dramatic” Queen song from the original “understated and small” version.

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