How Tom Brady was dragged into the Ben Affleck cheating scandal

In 2015, rumors surfaced that Ben Affleck was cheating on his wife Jennifer Garner with his former nanny, Christine Ouzounian. By page sixReports first indicated the affair as a result of photos showing Ouzounian on a flight with Affleck and none other than Tom Brady.

In the photo, the former nanny posed on a private jet while sporting four of Brady’s Super Bowl rings. Affleck was on his way from a family trip to the Bahamas to a charity poker tournament in Las Vegas. Although a source claimed the divorce was in the works before that trip, Garner fired Ouzuonian, according to Y! news. Around the same time, Ouzounian was seen sharing a bottle of champagne with Affleck (via page six). Garner then filed for divorce in 2015, though it wasn’t finalized until 2018.

As for Brady’s involvement, the NFL star did not speak to the press about the incident. However, a source close to the friends told the daily mail that “there were other people on the plane who tried on the rings”. While he may not appear innocent in the court of public opinion, Brady himself only testified to Ouzounian with Affleck. After all, he can’t exactly be held responsible for what his friends do, even on his private jet.

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