How Music Helped Gwen Stefani Overcome a Big Childhood Hurdle

On October 26, Gwen Stefani was recognized at the 52nd Annual New York Women in Communications Matrix Awards. At the event, the singer said Y! news how music helped her cope with dyslexia. She explained, “I was literally channeling my story through music, and what I think I loved about music was that there were no rules. I grew up dyslexic. I didn’t realize it, in terms of why it was so hard for me.” me.” She elaborated on the healing powers of music for herself, saying, “I felt like I didn’t really fit in when everyone else understood. I was like, ‘What’s going on? I’m drowning’. But then when I found music, it was like I could communicate with very few words.”

Stefani also addressed her experiences with dyslexia and music in her onstage speech. According to entertainment tonight, she said, “Being dyslexic has had challenges for me. But the upside is that it made me who I am. When I wrote my first song, I discovered my talent and my purpose.” She then connected it to one of her biggest hits, joking, “I struggled my whole life with spelling, but then I went to teach everyone how to spell BANANAS.” Of course, this is a reference to Stefani’s song from 2004. “Hollaback Girl”.

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