How many children do the sister wives have altogether? -Nicki Swift

As has been pointed out by in weekly contact, the Brown family is not far behind the Duggar family in terms of the number of children they have. Counting the children of Kody Brown’s four wives, there are 18 children in total. The wife with the fewest children with Kody is his first wife, Meri Brown, with whom he shares a son, Leon. (Leon came out as transgender in his instagram account in June 2022 and noted that they use the pronouns “they” and “they”).

Meanwhile, Kody has six children each with Janelle Brown and Christine Brown, tying them for having the most children by wives. He has five children with Robyn Brown, two of whom are his biological children. (There has been some fan speculation that Robyn is pregnant or has given birth to a sixth child, as discussed by the media soap scum Y TV Season and Spoilersbut this news of pregnancy has not been confirmed).

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