How Jimmie Allen Met His Wife Alexis Gale – Nicki Swift

Jimmie Allen and Alexis Gale’s reunion is like something out of a Hallmark movie, as the two grew up in the same hometown of Milton, Delaware. However, it took a chance introduction from Allen’s cousin’s wife in 2019 for them to really meet. The country star said People two years later, she tried to get Allen’s attention through social media, admitting, “I’d go through her Facebook and like a couple of photos on there, like a couple of photos on Instagram, but I still didn’t follow her.” When they met face to face at her cousin’s house, the story was different. Allen confessed that he wanted to play it cool and planned out exactly what he would say to the nurse, but all he could say was a sheepish “Hello” before continuing to chat with his cousin. However, by the end of the night, Allen had the confidence to put in his Gale’s phone number… and the rest, as they say, is history!

It didn’t take long for Allen to ask Gale that all-important question, either. The two only dated for a few months before Allen took a knee for that super cute proposal. “It feels amazing to find the kind of love I’ve been writing songs about all these years!” he he said People shortly after popping the question, while sharing adorable photos from their trip to Walt Disney World.

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