How Eurovision changed everything for Celine Dion – Nicki Swift

Celine Dion, 20, performed the song. “Don’t go without me” (which translated as “Don’t go without me”) during the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest, which took place in Ireland. Naturally (I mean, we’re talking about Celine Dion), Dion’s voice captured the hearts of the continent and she won by just one point, beating Britain’s Scott Fitzgerald, by smooth radius.

Dion recalled her somewhat unexpected decision to participate in “The Jonathan Ross Show” in 2013, admitting that even she was initially confused about why she was asked to compete for Switzerland. “First of all, it was a very strange adventure for me… I got a call and I was in Montreal, where I live, and they want me to go to Ireland and they want me to represent Switzerland,” she told the British channel. talk show. “I didn’t get it, so I thought, but what about the people in Switzerland? What are they going to think? Where does she come from? We don’t even know her.”

However, it all worked out in Dion’s favor as everything changed after her victory. Her first album since she appeared in the contest, “Unison”, was released in 1990 and was a worldwide success (whereas her previous releases had been successful primarily only in her native Canada). for him Historical Dictionary of Popular Musicthe album sold a whopping 4 million copies worldwide.

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