How Brooklyn Beckham’s relationship with Hana Cross ended in disaster – Nicki Swift

While Brooklyn Beckham and Hana Cross broke up in August 2019, their most explosive fight occurred in May of that year. By UK sunBrooklyn and Cross were at the Cannes Film Festival when they got into a screaming match that was loud enough to alert security.

“It was all very dramatic. They went to Cannes for a few days but started arguing almost immediately,” a source told the outlet. “Hana struggles with Brooklyn’s fame and money, and everything that comes with dating a Beckham. Brooklyn is easily jealous and didn’t enjoy all the male attention she was getting.” Brooklyn’s parents, Victoria and David Beckham, were tipped off once the feud turned physical. “It’s not surprising that they are seriously concerned about the couple’s toxic relationship and frustrated by all this humiliating public drama,” the source added.

Given their tumultuous time together, it’s no surprise that Brooklyn and Cross’ split was far from amicable. When Brooklyn started dating Nicola Peltz in November 2019, Cross, who was launching a singing career, reportedly wrote a wild song about her ex. According to UK sun, the song featured lyrics such as “I wish someone would tell me you have a habit of dishonesty… even though you break my heart, I want to stay”. At the time, a source told the outlet: “[Cross] She’s still raw from her separation from Brooklyn and it hurts to see him so happy.”

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