Hitman Freelancer Update Release Date, Time & FREE Map Download

After months and months of waiting, Hitman fans will finally be able to get their hands on the long-awaited Freelancer mode. Hitman Freelancer mode has a January 26 release date on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Judging from previous Hitman updates, the new game mode will go live around 1pm GMT for fans living in the UK. Once the Freelancer update is available, Hitman 3 will be known as Hitman World of Assassination and will contain all previously released maps from Hitman and Hitman 2.

This means that if you already have Hitman 3 and not the other two games, you’ll suddenly have access to over a dozen additional maps.

This includes the ICA Facility, Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh, Colorado, Bangkok, and Hokkaido maps from the original Hitman, as well as the Hawke’s Bay, Miami, Santa Fortuna, Mumbai, Whittleton Creek, Isle of Sgail, and Himmelstein maps from Hitman 2. .

It should simplify the purchasing process, which gets more and more complicated every time a new game or DLC is released.

IO Interactive explains further: “We are drastically simplifying the purchasing experience for new players. Hitman World of Assassination will be the only option available to start playing.

“Essentially, these two changes will mean that all new players and existing owners of Hitman 3 will have the same ownership of base content.

“There will be no more confusion about which edition to buy, what content you own, how to redeem legacy packs or import locations, etc. We’re done with that.”

If you want to play the New York and Haven Island DLC maps, as well as the Siberia and Hantu Port Sniper maps, you’ll need to upgrade to the Deluxe Edition.

The changes to the way Hitman is included will benefit the previously mentioned Freelancer mode, which launches at the same time.

Rogue mode features random items that drop independently of each other. According to IO, while the gameplay gives players all the information needed to complete an objective, there is no guarantee that an objective will be possible when on a mission.

“To be successful, it’s up to the player to ensure that a payout objective is possible, by bringing the correct gear, or by choosing the right combination of location, brought gear, and objectives,” IO continues.

“In that sense, Hitman: Freelancer is very different from the main game: there are no Mission Stories with scripted custom assassinations, which are always possible.

“Each iconic takedown in Hitman: Freelancer is an emergent construct of systemic game mechanics and player foresight and creativity.”

Mission planning will take place in Agent 47’s new hideout, which is fully customizable by the player.

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