Hilary Swank Life and Career Facts

Lots of actors have tabloid love lives, but Hilary Swank doesn’t. She is more of a long-term relationship type, as evidenced by her marriage to actor Chad Lowe. Swank and Lowe met at a party in 1992, and Swank said it was love at first sight. Lowe agreed and told him People“It was like the old cliché where you see someone, you look across the room and time stops.” The couple dated for several years before marrying in 1997.

Swank forgot to thank Lowe during her first Oscar acceptance speech, and years later he was still defending her. He said howard stern in 2007, “I felt bad for her because I knew, you know, I knew right away.” And he added: “And I felt more for her than for myself.” Sadly, the two ended their marriage in 2006 and it was later revealed that Lowe had been secretly struggling with addiction. In an interview with vanity fairSwank said, “Would you say your substance abuse problem caused our divorce? No. Would you say your substance abuse problem helped us? Absolutely not.”

In 2007, Swank began dating an entertainment agent. John Campisi. The two stayed together for five years. Swank dated the former professional tennis player Reuben Torres, to whom she was briefly engaged, but the union was short-lived. She is currently married to the businessman. Philip Schneiderhaving married in 2018. The couple announced in October 2022 that they were expecting twins.

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