Hilarie Burton details her worst birthday experience with husband Jeffrey Dean Morgan – Nicki Swift

Years after Hilarie Burton received a watch for apparently the wrong reasons from her ex-boyfriend, her husband, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, gave her another. During a segment about her “Drama Queens” podcast with Sophia Bush and Bethany Joy Lenz, Burton opened up about how infuriating it was to receive a watch from her husband. Just months after giving birth to her son, Gus, whom the couple welcomed into the world in 2010, according to Y! NewsBurton was preparing to celebrate her birthday in the city with her husband.

“The day before my birthday he said to me, ‘I can’t go out with you, I have to go buy your birthday present,'” Burton revealed. The actor prefaced the ominous situation: “It’s like 9 in the morning and I have a baby, and everyone wants me to open presents and be all performative and shit, and I open this.” present and it’s a fucking watch.” How did she react? “I lost it.”

The actor added, “He didn’t know the backstory and said, ‘I bought you something nice. Why are you being psycho?’ He assured his co-stars that Morgan didn’t buy the watch with malicious intent and now they joke about it. Burton added, “Every time I’m nervous, he’s like, ‘Do I have to go buy you a watch?'”

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