Here’s Who Really Came Up With Anna Delvey’s Famous Courtroom Look

Dressing in the courtroom is an art. Of Lindsay Lohan’s Blue Givenchy Suit a Camel Pants and Matching Blazer by Lori LoughlinHis celebrities have proven that there is more than one way to make a statement. Likewise, Anna Delvey’s courtroom wardrobe screamed money and class, even if she didn’t start out that way. When the new york post reported that Delvey had a fashion emergency in court, causing her team to scramble to put together an outfit from H&M, caught the attention of Anastasia Walker, a stylist who had dressed the A-listers like Sydney Sweeney and G-Eazy. By she, the couple had a mutual friend in Neff Davis, and Davis connected Walker with the Delvey team to share the stylist’s fashion expertise. Delvey’s attorney, Todd Spodek, was also convinced of the need to hire a hairstylist. “Anna’s style was a driving force in her business and in her life, and it’s part of who she is. I want the jury to see that side of her and recruited a stylist to help select the appropriate outfits for the trial,” he wrote. in an email, by GQ.

Although Walker had never dressed an inmate before, he rose to the occasion. “Anna and I talked on the phone about what she was interested in wearing,” the stylist told Elle. “I selected some timeless pieces, since everything is so public today and [trial] photographs can be saved, potentially forever.”

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