Hailey Bieber weighs in on Kanye West controversy after getting caught in his crosshairs

In an October 25 Instagram Story, Hailey Bieber condemned Kanye “Ye” West’s recent anti-Semitic comments. Without naming the rapper, Bieber wrote, via page six, “You can’t believe in God and be anti-Semitic. You can’t love God and support or tolerate hate speech. Loving God is loving people. ALL people.” Bieber also stated in a follow-up story, “I support my friends and the Jewish people.”

Ye’s refusal to retract or apologize for his anti-Semitic sentiments has baffled many. On October 9, Ye’s Twitter account was blocked after she tweeted that she was about to do “death with 3 against the Jewish people,” according to Forbes. In a censored part of his October 7 interview with Tucker Carlson, the Yeezy designer is also shown saying that Planned Parenthood was founded to “control the Jewish population.” After Ye appeared unapologetic during subsequent interviews with Chris Cuomo and Piers Morgan, the corporate fallout began. She to date has lost professional relationships with Adidas, Balenciaga and Vogue.

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