GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars Release Time for NEW Story DLC

GTA Online fans are counting down to the release of the new Los Santos Drug Wars update. The first part of a two-part story expansion, the Grand Theft Auto Online Los Santos Drug Wars DLC has a December 13 release date. There’s no official release time, but GTA updates usually go live between 12 and 3pm GMT. Either way, it’s worth changing the setting to update automatically, if available.

The Los Santos Drug Wars update will be available on all platforms for free, including PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

The story content sees players team up with Nervous Ron to supply the residents of Los Santos with powerful hallucinogens.

Rockstar explains further: “Head straight to Blaine County and join old pal Nervous Ron and a new gang of out-of-state misfits on a mission to put their stamp on Los Santos’ psychedelic trade.

“Battle against an unlikely coalition of moneyed hippies and trigger-happy bikers while cooking potent hallucinogens, in elaborate labs or outside of your own massive mobile chemistry set, in the opening chapter of an expansive new two-part story update for GTA Online.”

According to Rockstar, the update will add new missions, new vehicles, and a host of “experimental updates.”

The Grand Theft Auto developer is also teasing the release of new Christmas-themed items and updates, which are expected to launch next week.

“Caution: Los Santos Drug Wars contains a variety of wild side effects, including a new business venture to operate, new vehicles and missions, and experiential improvements,” Rockstar continues.

“And this is just the first dose – get ready for many more exciting events, including some fun holiday shenanigans, major story and gameplay updates, and much more to come.”

The Los Santos Drug Wars expansion is expected to release alongside a new game update, so check back soon for the patch notes.

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