GTA 6 reveal THIS week? Hopes Rising From Imminent Grand Theft Auto News

The long-awaited reveal of GTA 6 could happen sometime this week. According to YouTuber LegacyKillaHD, there’s a chance we’ll get an official reveal for the next Grand Theft Auto game in the next few days. As the YouTuber explained in a series of tweets, there are signs pointing to a GTA 6 reveal in the next 48 hours.

in a post on Twitter LegacyKillaHD wrote: “We could be about 48 hours away from the first official reveal of Grand Theft Auto 6.

“Heavy emphasis on the word ‘could’, but there are a number of clues that something might be going on, as I explored in a video a few days ago.”

Among the signs that GTA 6 will be revealed imminently, Rockstar previously said that more news about the game would be coming “soon”, and how GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 were previously announced in the month of October.

The YouTuber tweeted: “Reasons a #GTA6 reveal could be near us.

“Rockstar February and September 2022 post promising news soon.

“Take the Two Investor call in a few weeks, the #RDR2 and #GTA5 reveals happened just before the calls.

“GTA Online Stealth Mystery Event Scheduled For GTA 25th Anniversary.”

One of the biggest signs that we could get an imminent GTA 6 reveal is the upcoming call for investors for Rockstar Games parent company Take Two.

A quarterly investor call is scheduled for November 7, and previous big-name Rockstar Games titles have been announced in the lead up to these calls.

And, in the wake of the recent leak of GTA 6 development assets, having a full GTA 6 reveal ahead of the next investor call would be welcome news for shareholders.

It has been claimed that the GTA 6 reveal could happen on Friday, October 21 as part of the Grand Theft Auto series’ 25th anniversary celebrations.

And there is another reason why this particular date is of interest. There’s a mysterious UFO event in GTA Online, which was originally scheduled for later this month, but was recently moved to this Friday.

This is interesting as a previous UFO event was linked to an Easter Egg that fans believe shows an early image from GTA 6.

On the GTA forums, well-known tipster Tez2 speculated how the next UFO event could be related to GTA 6.

The leaker posted: “If Rockstar had any GTA6 material within the GTAO files, we would have found it by now.

“They are very cautious on big announcements when they were already cautious enough not to cause any leaks on their end.

“What Rockstar can do is automate a GTA Online background to be released an hour or half hour before the actual announcement item.

“Where Omega texts you about the strange appearance of a different kind of UFO and drops a reference to Vice City.

“By the time data miners scramble to find out what’s going on and the hype circle starts among fans, the real announcement will have been out.

“This is all a ‘what if’ scenario, of course.”

As always with rumours, claims are best taken with a grain of salt until official confirmation.

If this week goes back and forth with no news on GTA 6, then there’s another date fans should note in their diaries.

October 29th is Vice City’s 20th anniversary, so Rockstar could alternatively have an announcement about the next GTA game, which is projected to be set there, planned for that date.

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