Got this old PlayStation strategy guide? now worth hundreds

The value of an old strategy guide for a classic PlayStation 1 game has risen to almost £500. This news was revealed by retro gaming website PriceCharting, which track the price of countless games, consoles, and other collectibles online. The guide that is now worth hundreds of pounds is a Prima strategy guide for the PS1 game Resident Evil: Director’s Cut.

The Director’s Cut of Resident Evil is a re-release of the 1996 PlayStation survival horror classic that adds support for the DualShock controller.

And if you bought the accompanying strategy guide for this classic Capcom game, you’ll make a nice profit.

Each week, PriceCharting publishes a Hot Items list, summarizing the retro gaming collectibles that have increased in value the most.

And the Prima Greatest Hits guide for Resident Evil Director’s Cut is on the list of great movers.

According to PriceCharting, this past week this PS1 strategy guide increased in value by over £50 to £435.

It’s important to note that with retro gaming collectibles, the value of something varies by region.

Therefore, the UK version of a game may be worth more than the US or Japanese versions, and vice versa.

And this is the case of the Resident Evil strategy guide, being the one that has risen in value the ‘Greatest Hits’ edition that was launched in the United States.

Still, you may have picked up this guide for a pittance years ago at your local charity shop, car boot sale, or other second-hand sellers and now you can turn a handsome profit.

Other retro gaming collectibles that have increased in value recently include Viewpoint for the iconic and arcade-perfect Neo Geo home console, as well as the CD add-on for Atari’s ill-fated Jaguar console.

You can find a full list of top movers and shakers from all regions below.

Prices are listed below and for loose versions of these collectibles, prices being different for complete boxed or new editions…


Gameboy Advance Console & E-Reader Bundle – GameBoy Advance – £282.01 (+£204.57)

Monster Hunter Double Cross – JP Nintendo Switch – £184.38 (+£155.94)

Lookout – JP Neo Geo AES – £644.21 (+£121.53)

The Misadventures Of Tron Bonne – PAL PlayStation – £196.63 (+£119.57)

Jaguar CD System – Jaguar – £703.56 (+£112.84)

bioshock [10th Anniversary] – PlayStation 4 – £248.50 (+£89.56)

Cleopatra Fortune – JP Sega Dreamcast – £315.15 (+£79.52)

Sonic the Hedgehog- Sega Master System £357.09 (+£70.92)

Turok Fury Wars [Gray] – Nintendo 64 – £680.88 (+£69.55)

Serial Experiments Lain – JP PlayStation – £354.40 (+£63.98)

PlayStation Vita Development Kit – PlayStation Vita – £596.39 (+£63.49)

Resident Evil Director’s Cut [Greatest Hits Prima] – Strategy Guide- £435.00 (+£53.50)

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