Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery Review: The Best Christmas Release

Glass Onion is the first half of a two-film deal involving Netflix writer-director Rian Johnson and Bond star Daniel Craig. While not quite as smart as 2019’s first Knives Out movie, the sharp lines, clever twists, and lively performances suggest a bright future for Craig’s detective Benoit Blanc.

A group of rich jerks gather on a glamorous island for the annual reunion of old friends for Miles Bron (Edward Norton), a vain, loud-mouthed tech billionaire reminiscent of Twitter’s current troublesome boss.

His guests are his fellow cultural and business “disruptors,” as he calls them. Dave Bautista is the star of a “men’s rights” YouTube channel, Kathryn Hahn is a controversial US politician, Kate Hudson plays an online fashion guru, and scientist Leslie Odom Jr is developing a potential source. lethal green energy.

Few of them thought that Bron’s disgruntled former business partner, Helen Brand (Janelle Monáe), would accept an invitation to his murder mystery weekend.

And, since he wasn’t even invited, no one expected to see the world’s greatest detective (Craig) roll up his sleeves in his pinstriped vacation suit.

For the first half hour or so, Blanc seems to be up on his game, grinning stupidly at his fellow partygoers and claiming that their invitation must have been a practical joke.

But if you’ve seen any episodes of Colombo, you’ll see a twist on the horizon. Around the half-hour mark, Johnson reveals Blanc’s dastardly ruse as a real murder mystery begins to come together.

It’s funny, slightly satirical, hugely satisfying, and the best Christmas opening this year. If the Bond actor is ready to take on a new franchise, he could spend the rest of his career as the new David Suchet.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is streaming on Netflix now (certified 12).

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