George Harrison’s beautiful final words to Ringo Starr on his deathbed

George Harrison died on November 29, 2001, after battling cancer that spread to his lungs. Before he died, his Beatles bandmate Ringo Starr visited him while he was on his deathbed. What followed was a wonderful interaction between two friends with an extraordinary history, who had traveled the world and played music together for decades.

Harrison was in The Beatles from the beginning in 1958, and soon after Starr joined the band to replace their previous drummer, Pete Best.

From then on, Harrison and Starr were great friends. They built a strong relationship while John Lennon and Paul McCartney sneaked off together to write songs.

Years later, in a candid video interview, Starr opened up about his last meeting with his longtime friend. With a tear in his eyes, he told the camera that he went to Europe to see Harrison in a hospice while his last days wound down.

He said: “The last weeks of George’s life were spent in Switzerland, and I went to see him. He was very ill. He could only lie down.”

Unfortunately for Starr, this visit to Harrison was extremely ill-timed. Around the same time, her daughter, Lee Starkey, was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

As a result, Starr had to fly to the United States to be with her while she received treatment.

She continued: “While he was sick and I had come to see him, I was going to Boston because my daughter had a brain tumor.”

Starr recalled telling Harrison, “I have to go to Boston,” before beginning to wipe tears from his face.

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Harrison died just a few months later, in November. He was surrounded by his family, his wife Olivia Harrison and his son Dhani Harrison, as well as one of his closest friends, Ravi Shankar.

His last words were: “Everything else can wait, but the search for God cannot wait, and love one another.” Harrison was 58 years old.

Starr wasn’t the only band member to remember Harrison since his death.

McCartney later described the news of Harrison’s death as “very sad”.

Finally he continued: “[I am devastated] I know you have been sick for a long time. i talked to olivia [Harrison] and she has been very strong, and I would ask people to be nice to her.”

She added that Harrison “didn’t take fools with pleasure” before describing him as “a lovely man, I love him very much, I grew up with him and I like to remember all the good times.”

McCartney also assured fans that Harrison “went away peacefully.”


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