George Harrison gave a beautiful final gift to Paul McCartney

Today is the anniversary of the death of George Harrison. The Beatles star lost his battle with cancer on November 29, 2001, at just 58 years old. The musician’s sad death did not come as a total shock to his nearest and dearest, as he had been battling the disease for years. As a result, he had some final words and parting gifts for his Beatles friends.

Paul McCartney revealed years later that his last meeting with Harrison was full of tenderness and love. He said: “The last time I saw him, he was very sick and I held his hand for four hours.”

The Hey Jude singer noted that this was the first time the two had held hands. He recalled thinking: “I’ve never held his hand before, never. This is not what two Liverpool lads do, no matter how well they know each other.” He added: “I kept thinking, ‘He’s going to slap me here.'”

However, his fears were unnecessary. “But he not [hit me]McCartney said. “He just stroked his thumb over my hand and I thought, ‘Oh, this is cool, that’s life. It’s hard but it’s beautiful. That’s how it is.'”

Twenty years later, McCartney opened up about the parting gift Harrison gave him just before his death. And it’s something he looks at every day.

McCartney revealed that Harrison was “a very good gardener” and was “very interested in horticulture”. As a result, Harrison gave her a tree as a gift, something he had grown himself.

He planted it in his home, and ever since, it has acted as a constant reminder of one of his long lost friends.

McCartney continued: “It’s a big fir tree, and it’s right by my door. As I was leaving my house this morning, I get out of the car, close the door, look up at the tree and say, ‘Hello, George. ‘ There it is, growing with strength”. He added: “As the years go by, every time I look at it I say, ‘That’s the tree George gave me.’ George has climbed that tree for me. I hope he’s happy with that.”

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McCartney has not forgotten about his friend. Last year, 2021, marked the 20th anniversary of Harrison’s death. He acknowledged the grim occasion by posting on his social media accounts.

He posted a black and white photo of the two playing guitars. He added the touching caption: “Hard to believe we lost George 20 years ago. I miss my friend so much. I love Paul.”

Ringo Starr, the other remaining member of The Beatles, did the same. He posted a humorous photo of the two of them smoking cigars when they were young. He captioned the image: “Peace and love to you George I miss you man. Peace and love Ringo,” (sic) with a slew of emojis.

Harrison died at a McCartney property in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. He was surrounded by his wife, Olivia Harrison, his son, Dhani Harrison, and his closest friend, Ravi Shankar, as well as his family and some other Hare Krishna devotees. The latter sang verses from the Bhagavad Gita – a Hindu religious text – during the visit.

Olivia then revealed that Harrison had some final words to share with the world. He said: “Everything else can wait, but the search for God cannot wait, and love one another.”

Harrison was cremated at Hollywood Forever Cemetery and his funeral was held at the Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine in Pacific Palisades, California.

His ashes were scattered according to Hindu tradition in a private ceremony in the Ganges and Yamuna rivers near Varanasi, India.


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