Genshin Impact 3.5 Update PATCH NOTES, Maintenance, and New Features

Genshin Impact update 3.5 is available to download on PS4, PlayStation 5, PC, iOS, and Android. Titled Windblume’s Breath, the new update for Genshin Impact introduces new characters, weapons, story content, enemies, and much more. You can check out the new content when the server maintenance ends at 3am GMT UK time on March 1st. Due to the length of server maintenance, Genshin Impact players will be given 300 Primogems to spend in-game. In the lead up to the release of Windblume’s Breath, Genshin Impact MiHoYo has released a long list of patch notes for update 3.5, which you can see below.

Genshin Impact Update 3.5 Patch Notes…

new characters

• 5-star character “Flame-Mane” Dehya (Pyro)

– Vision: Pyro

– Weapon: Claymore

– A member of the Hermits, a mercenary organization that roams the sands of Sumeru.

– Brave and powerful, he enjoys great fame among his fellow hermits.

• Elemental Skill: Molten Hell

• Elemental Burst: Lion’s Bite

• The 5-star character “Flame-Mane” Dehya (Pyro) will be available in the standard wish “Wanderlust Summon” in the next patch.

• 4-Star Character “Clear Frost Coordinates” Mika (Cryo)

– Vision: Cryo

– Weapon: Polearm

– A young gentleman born in an ordinary family. He works as a front line surveyor in his company.

– He is a discreet and cautious character.

• Elemental Skill: Whirlpool of Frost

• Elemental Burst: Skyfeather Song

new equipment

New Weapons

• Sea of ​​Juncos Lighthouse (5-star Claymore)

– During the event wish “Epitome Summon”, the event-exclusive 5-star weapon Beacon of the Reed Sea (Claymore) will receive a large drop rate increase!

• Mailed Flower (4 Star Claymore)

– Mailed Flower (Claymore) and its refining materials can be exchanged in the “Windblume’s Breath” event.

new main story

• New Archon Quest

– Archon Quest Chapter III: Act VI “Caribert”

– Permanently available after version 3.5 update

• New story mission

– Dehya Story Quest – Mantichora Chapter: Act I “Lion’s Blood”

– Permanently available after version 3.5 update

• New chat event

– Hangout Event: Faruzan – Act I “A Confused Enigma”

– Permanently available after version 3.5 update

new enemies

• Herald of the Abyss: Frostfall

– An Abyss Order monster that uses dark power to master ice and frost in battle.

– Some of his attacks lower the resistance of the characters by dealing DMG against them.

• Black Snake Knight: Rock Breaker Ax

– This seems to have once been a trusted high-ranking guard in some land who wielded Geo’s power.

– Their attacks become stronger and more ferocious when hitting shielded characters, at the cost of their own health.

other additions

New recipes:

• NPC Sumeru Enteka: Tulumba

• Sumeru NPC Azalai: Golden tagine

• Dehya’s specialty: “Goldflame Tajine”

• Mika’s Specialty: “Surveyor’s Breakfast Sandwich”

– Obtained from Event Mail: Super Gorgeous Pizza and Mint Fruit Tea

• New cooking ingredient

– Sumeru NPC Enteka: Coffee Bean

• New achievements have been added to the “Wonders of the World” and “Memories of the Heart” categories.

• Add some prompts for loading screens.

• Added 21 set of “Paimon Paintings” chat emojis.

• The “Festive Drum” gadget can now be purchased from Mikoshi Genichirou, the owner of Inazuma’s Netsuke no Gen Crafts.

• New invitation duels and guest challenges added to the player list.

• New Equipment Cards: Ornate Kabuto and General’s Ancient Helm

• New Furniture: Amusement Device: Bouncy Tubby and Amusement Device: Bouncy Chubby

• You can teleport directly to the Mansion location within Serenitea Pot using the Map.

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