Gareth Southgate England penalty shootout to star Joseph Fiennes

Speaking to the BBC, Graham said: “I think what has happened to the England men’s soccer team over the last six years has been extraordinarily quiet. He’s been humming in the background, but now we’re only starting to really understand Gareth’s smooth revolution.”

As England’s new manager, Southgate was assisted by psychologist Pippa Grange in beginning to “ask big questions about identity”, which included how the team could shake off England’s terrible legacy in the penalty shootout.

Graham continued: “What makes him Shakespearean obviously goes back to his time when [Euro] 1996, when he felt the full weight of that story and the pressure and the expectation the moment he missed that penalty. Twenty-two years later, he is the one who breaks the penalty shootout curse for the England soccer team, allowing them to win a World Cup shootout for the first time.”

Harry Kane and Marcus Rashford have yet to be cast, but speaking of the Tudor playwright, Shakespeare In Love’s Joseph Fiennes will play Southgate himself.

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