Fury vs Bamba canceled because renegotiations fail after losing weight

Paul Bamba has revealed that his fight against Tommy Fury has been canceled after failing to come to terms on a new deal with promoters after Fury missed the weight.

The pair were due to square off in the Floyd Mayweather vs Deji Olatunji bill co-main attraction at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai later tonight. However, Fury came in 6.8 pounds over the agreed-upon light heavyweight limit.

As a result, Bamba entered into renegotiations with promoter Global Titans, but was unable to reach an agreement to improve the deal which led to the fight being cancelled. speaking to Fred talks about fightingBamba said: “Global Titans canceled my event due to not being able to reach a mutual agreement. They didn’t give me what I wanted, they have been telling people that they offered me a lot of things.”

“Ultimately, when I get home and there’s a lot less to worry about, I’ll talk a lot more about it. But at the end of the day, there were separate contracts by weight, like I said, which isn’t fair.” I don’t know whose fault it is, I’m not blaming anyone.

“That’s all I can comment on right now, given what’s going on, but Fury Camp was trying to make it work with me and then all of a sudden a power move was played out. We were both told to stop negotiations, no longer “. They didn’t care, they weren’t willing to pay for it themselves and that’s where we are.”

Bamba praised John Fury for being extremely respectful throughout the entire process and offered to face Fury in the UK. It is currently unclear if Fury has been given a replacement opponent at this time.

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