Freddie Mercury’s Last Song Was Recorded In An Incredibly Weird Style

It’s been over 31 years since Freddie Mercury lost his battle with AIDS at the age of just 45. Despite his HIV diagnosis in 1987, the Queen singer doggedly continued to write and record with Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon. He may not have been well enough to tour, but helped by his close bond with the other three, the star worked on two more Queen albums in his lifetime, with more being released posthumously on 1995’s Made In Heaven. This final album for the group includes the last song he would write.

Freddie’s last track was A Winter Tale, which he wrote during the Innuendo recording sessions in Switzerland. His latest song was inspired by looking out of windows at various locations in Montreux, including from his hospital bed on Lake Geneva.

Brian May previously told Mojo: “Freddie wrote the song in Montreux, in a little house on the lake that we call The Duck House. The extraordinary thing is that he is talking about his life and beauty at a moment when he knows he doesn’t have much time left, but he doesn’t wallow in emotion, he just observes himself with absolute purity”.

Recording his guitar part to Freddie’s posthumous lyrics for Made In Heaven, Brian said, “This is how I wanted my solo to be. It was one of those things where I could hear it in my head, long before I could play it. And when I recorded it, in my home studio, in my head I was there with Freddie in Montreux at the time, even though this was long after he left.”

Made in Heaven was accompanied by a documentary called Queen: Champions of the World, during which it was shared that Freddie recorded A Winter’s Tale in an exceptionally rare style.

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Brian said: “I finished mapping the song, sang the whole thing as a demo, including the added Wings of Butterflies section, which somehow popped into my head late one night, and played it to him when he was next in the studio. . The melody required some very demanding high notes, and he had only been able to demonstrate them in falsetto. I told Freddie, ‘I don’t want you to push yourself, this isn’t going to be easy with full voice, even for you!’” However, the singer gave an unwavering response.

Freddie stated, “Don’t worry, I’ll make it, honey!”

Brian recalled: “Then he had a couple of his favorite shots of vodka. He leaned against the mixer and… delivered one of the most extraordinary performances of his life. In the final mix of The Show Must Go On, when you get to On with the Show, you’re listening to a man who conquered all to deliver his best work.”

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