Freddie Mercury and David Bowie ‘were drunk’ recording Queen’s hit

Bowie said, “Look, wait a minute, why don’t we write one of our own?” Freddie recalled, “We were just messing around and then just jamming with the tracks and all of a sudden we said ‘Why don’t we see what we can do in the heat of the moment?'”.

Producer Reinhold Mack added, “Then there’s the pressure from His Majesty David to be there, and everyone wanted to seem smooth and quick with ideas and stuff.” Then bassist John Deacon came up with that famous ding, ding, ding, de de, ding, ding riff, which Mack remembered him playing over and over again.

Roger shared: “And then we went for a pizza and he forgot! He completely slipped out of his mind. We came back and I remembered it.” Brian May said, “And of course we’re used to playing together, and now we’ve got this other guy in there, who’s also coming in, coming in, coming in.”

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