Frank Sinatra’s Huge Endowment Confirmed By His Wife Ava Gardner

For the first time in his life, Sinatra had lost all power in a relationship. When Gardner flew to Africa to film Mogambo in 1953, he followed her as a grand romantic gesture, but she clearly wasn’t thrilled to see him.

Lee said, “It just broke her heart.”

However, Sinatra made an extraordinary comeback. With his movie and music career seemingly over, he landed a role in 1953’s From Here To Eternity with Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr. Rumor had it the studio didn’t want him, but Sinatra’s mob connections paved the way. Others say Gardner did a few favors. Either way, he paid off and the star ended up winning a best supporting actor Oscar.

At the same time, his music career was revived as he rode the latest Swing craze, beginning with his comeback hit I’ve Got the World on a String. Unfortunately, his professional success was not matched at home.

Uzarowski explained why: “Ava said that the moment things started going well for her, she went back to her arrogant ways, which she hated… Their relationship suffered because they didn’t trust each other.”

This was made brutally clear when she traveled to London to have a secret abortion in 1952. When the Catholic Sinatra discovered this, it was devastating.

Uzarowski added: “She was overheard saying that she should have killed him for what she had done to him and the baby.”

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