Frank Sinatra’s brutal takedown of Elvis Presley’s ‘ugly’ music

A new channel featuring music from iconic singer Frank Sinatra will be launched on the SXM app, where only songs from hitmaker My Way will be played. Siriusly Sinatra Presents Perfectly Frank begins airing November 23. Along with Siriusly Sinatra, it will feature the classic crooning station that also plays the music of Dean Martin, Tony Bennett and other voices from one of music’s greatest eras.


One star likely to miss out is Elvis Presley, who became embroiled in a feud with Sinatra after his career skyrocketed during the rock’n’roll boom of the ’50s, ending the popularity the musicians once enjoyed. of swing.

Sinatra was so outraged by the new wave of electric guitars and bass lines that he condemned the new genre in an opinion piece for the French Western World magazine in 1957.

He wrote of the genre: “My only deep pain is the relentless insistence of record and film companies on offering the most brutal, ugly, degenerate and vicious form of expression that I have ever disliked hearing. Naturally, I mean most rock and roll”.

The singer, who also garnered high praise for his acting talents, winning an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1954, also claimed that rock’n’roll “fosters almost entirely negative and destructive reactions in the young.” And he added: “It smells fake and fake.”

Sinatra continued: “It’s mostly sung, performed and written by jerk thugs and through its almost moronic reiterations and cunning, lewd, actually dirty lyrics, and as I said before, manages to be the martial music of all the criminals with lateral burns on the face of the earth… this rancid-smelling aphrodisiac I deplore.”

Presley vehemently defended the new genre of music, arguing that while Sinatra “is entitled to his opinion… I can’t see him criticizing without good reason.”

He added: “I admire him as a performer and an actor, but I think he is very wrong on this. If I remember correctly, it was also part of a trend.

“I don’t see how you can call today’s youth immoral and delinquent. It’s the best music of all time and it will continue to be. I like it and I’m sure many other people feel the same way.”

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Sinatra also questioned Presley’s place at the top of show business, considering whether he would become a great like him.

The singer, who died in 1998, said: “Only time will tell. They said I was a freak when I first hit, but I’m still here.”

“Presley has no training at all. When he gets down to something serious, a bigger type of singing, we’ll find out he’s a singer. He has a natural, animalistic talent.”

Sinatra’s career continued well into his seventies, standing the test of time, just like his rival Elvis. Despite his success, however, reports show that Sinatra was deeply self-critical.

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According to his fourth and last wife, Barbara Sinatra, the star “was always critical of his voice” and that this sentiment “only intensified as he got older.”

Writing in her 2011 memoir Lady Blue Eyes: My Life with Frank Sinatra, she wrote: “She never liked talking about a performance afterwards because she knew her voice wasn’t as good as it used to be.

“If someone told him it was great, he’d say, ‘It was a good crowd, but my reed was bad,’ or ‘I wasn’t that good on the third number.’

“Strangely, despite his hearing problems, he had the most incredible hearing, which often drove those he worked with crazy. There could be an orchestra of a hundred musicians, and if one played a vague note you would know exactly who it was.” . responsible.”

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