Fortnite Update 23.50 Patch Notes, Server Downtime, Crack the Code

Fortnite developer Epic Games is gearing up to release the final update for the current season. Fortnite update 23.50 has a release date of February 28 and a release time of 8am GMT in the UK. The new update launches alongside a server downtime, which starts at 8am. Matchmaking will go offline at 7:30am GMT, so you’d better log in early if you want to play some games before it starts. . While there’s no official end time, downtime typically lasts a couple of hours, which means the game should be back online around 10am GMT.

The news was announced by Epic Games on Twitter, along with a sneak peek at what fans can expect.

“3 18 1 3 11 20 8 5 3 15 4 5,” Epic’s tweet read. “Downtime for 23.50 begins at 3am ET, and matchmaking was disabled shortly before.”

When translated into letters, the numbers read “CRACK THE CODE”, suggesting that the season-ending event will require players to do a little code-breaking.

In addition to laying the groundwork for the season finale, Fortnite update 23.50 will introduce the Creed 3 movie crossover. Expect a new skin or two starting in March.

As usual, Epic will be saving and disarming various items, adding new challenges, and bringing new skins to the item shop.

Fans of The Witcher will also be able to unlock the next set of rewards once the update goes live.

As for the game tweaks and bug fixes, you can check out the update 23.50 patch notes below…

Fortnite Update 23.50 Patch Notes…


• Vi’s right eye turns inward when using certain gestures.

– When using any emote that has upper body movement with the Vi outfit, her right eye can turn inward.

• Omega Knight has light gray/silver armor.

– Omega Knight’s outfit has a light gray/silver color instead of the matte black armor.

• Exiles emblem wrap appears yellow

– The Exiles emblem wrap appears bright yellow when worn instead of reflecting the colors shown on the icon.


• School of Llamas banners are missing or grayed out

– We are aware that banners received from completing School of Llama challenges may be missing from the locker or “Equip” may be greyed out.

• Peely’s Plunder can lead to treasure in inaccessible areas.

– Players may find that Peely’s Loot increase can occasionally lead them to treasure in an inaccessible area.


• No Fill/Fill: widget reset

– We are aware of a visual issue that changes the Fill or No Fill setting once the game mode has been changed.


• The ‘Archive’ button may be blocked by the ‘Redeploy Glider’ message in the locker on Nintendo Switch.

– Players who have the screen size set to 80% will find the archive gliders option inaccessible due to the button being locked with the ‘Redeploy Glider’ button.

• Some devices limited to 30 FPS

– Some devices are limited to 30 FPS and no longer have the option to use 60 FPS

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